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    Project Mentoring

    Learning doesn't end in the classroom. For a smooth transition and complete knowledge transfer, LearnQuest offers Project Mentoring before, during, and after training engagements.

    Through this unique service, LearnQuest works with your project teams to ensure the success of their transition to the development and/or maintenance of applications using new technologies.


    Today more than ever, time is money. Not just the time it takes to learn a new skill or develop a new application. Time is money lost, the longer it takes you to get your application "Sooner-to-Market", or the money lost because your competitor got there first.

    Valuable existing employees need to be transitioned into new application development so you can take advantage of their business knowledge as well as prepare them for the technology learning curve ahead. LearnQuest's Project Mentoring service allows your organization to develop applications and reskill your existing employees in new technologies. In some examples, Project Mentoring can be structured to actually work on the project, thereby decreasing the time required for its delivery.


    It is not our goal to own the project. It is our goal however, to re-skill and reinforce those skills through Project Mentoring and allow your organization to be more self-sufficient.

    By understanding your overall strategy and technological path, LearnQuest's senior mentors work with your organization's project teams to deliver the appropriate mentoring solution for your business goals and objectives. Whether the goals are the development of a pilot project in a new technology or assistance with maintaining an existing application, LearnQuest delivers the appropriate blend of experience and technology expertise to your project teams.

    Case Study

    The information technology management within a major managed services organization recognized a business need to re-engineer its financial field application which is accessed by thousands of front-line managers. The organization selected Microsoft's latest technology suite (COM+,SQL Server 2000) as the platform for the future application.

    Working with Microsoft's consultants, a few members of the senior IT staff developed the application's highly customized and unique framework. However, none of the company's developers had the appropriate knowledge and experience with Microsoft's latest technologies to analyze, design and develop the application.

    LearnQuest solved this problem through Project Mentoring and Just in Time training. LearnQuest Customized every facet of the training to tie in the specifics of the application's framework and architecture. LearnQuest impacted the training by working with the organization's staff in-between training sessions to mentor the staff on analyzing, designing, and building their application.

    Result: A project completed on time, within budget, and a fully trained staff of developers, ready to tackle the future challenges and needs of their demanding client base.

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